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When 3 enters your life, you find yourself talking a lot, but you also need down time. As a combination of 1 and 2, the 3 often experiences very intense emotions. Controlling that cycle is one of the lessons of this Life Path number. Once under control take that energy and direct it toward a passion for greatest success and happiness. In your spiritual quest, the 3 Life Path Number brings you in contact with the Fey, angels and other Devic beings and also open the world of prophesy to you.

In studying numerology and mystical numbers three stands out as being perhaps the most widely discussed in religion, folklore and superstition. Think of the folktales from your youth: the genie who grants three wishes, Three Little Pigs and Billie Goats Gruff, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Rumpelstiltskin receiving three spins and the beautiful princess getting three guesses at his name — the list goes on and on. What is the metaphysical and magical meaning behind 3? Doing something three times solidifies it in our consciousness.

Wherever they go, creative energy follows along with some type of abundance. There is nothing so special to the spirit of 3 than sharing happiness. Laughter is the Universal equalizer between people, and it serves you well in making long-term friends and building other positive relationships. Global mythology gives us other insights into the meaning and symbolism of 3. Norse stories are replete with the number three. There are three harsh winters before Ragnarok and Odin endured three hardships to find the sacred runes.

In both instances 3 represents watchfulness and vigilance, along with a prophetic element. The ancient Greeks seemed to concur, having three fates, three furies, and three graces all of whom impacted human destiny in some manner. The Orphic writings tell us of Being-Life-and Intelligence as a keynote for our development. We can also look to daily life for examples of 3s significance both in our daily lives and in spiritual practices.


Human ability has three components: word, thought and deed. These are keys to manifestation. The world embraces three kingdoms: vegetable, animal and mineral. This tripod sustains all living things. Three is about completing cycles, about bridging the gap between earth and Celestial realms, and of course, 3 is a charm!

Individuals walking with this number may naturally find themselves drawn to Sacred Geometry and the mysteries of Alchemy. It is no coincidence that working with two other people empowers 2 even further toward expressing the Sacred in new and creative ways. In this the Hebrew meaning for three, Limitless Light, bears meditation. If the shoe fits walk in it! Ah destiny, you are sometimes a harsh mistress. This is where the three needs to learn to use their highly effective voice, stand up and speak out. There are some important life lessons for 3s in part how to be less critical of others.

People may leave you because of pride, bad relationship choices and because you tend to be very lackadaisical when it comes to finances. Additionally the 3 has the capacity to show great warmth and loyalty, even if they are a tad eccentric and often naive. Charm helps the 3 wiggle through a lot of situations that other destiny numbers cannot navigate. There is an optimism in a 3 Destiny that truly believes that world peace and universal awareness are wholly possible. If the 3 uses that faith and applies it to people most in need it improves their Karma greatly. The Sign Of Gemini.

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Your number is 1. To further understand further, you must first know you must first know how it effects you as an individual. In fact, it is an art — called synastry — that is thoroughly studied by some for its intricacies and interesting outcomes. Numerology can say a lot about an individual. For instance, someone who is born on August 21, will have the life number 8.

August is represented by the number 8. This number is then said to represent certain characteristics in a person. In the given example, we calculated for the Life Path Number of the person.

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  • This resents the path the person will be taking and his or her skills that could make the journey rewarding. When calculating for the numerology compatibility of a couple, the numerologist may take into account other aspects such as their destiny numbers, birth numbers and balance numbers. As these have different ways of being derived, the result will be a different set with each one.

    In our earlier example, the Life Number is 8. This is said to represent success, wealth and leadership. It also means transformation and endurance. Given the characteristics of other numbers, 8 would go well with 3, 4, 5, 7 and other 8s. Write out your complete birth date that appears on your birth certificate on a piece of paper. This includes the month, day, and full year of your birth.

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    Translate the birth date into numbers. For example, March 26, becomes.

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    Add the final two numbers the sum together. This would be your life path number which is 2. Look at the significance of your life path number at for your birth date. Each number has different traits that are reflected by that number. You can see these traits from looking at numerology number meanings online at an astrology site or buy a book that discusses numerology. Your Life Path number is at the heart of your being during this life.

    It describes what you are really like and what is innate and natural for you. It is also the number vibration in which your soul has chosen to ground its life essence. Therefore, the energies present in your Life Path will feed on the opportunities, experiences, and lessons that you attract this life. Look at the meaning of these numbers. Like your life path, they have different meanings too. Finally, blend the major numerology numbers into one chart. You may add descriptive words that apply.

    Your forecast is based upon the PERSONAL YEAR you’re currently experiencing.

    Do you know that astrology, the study of patterns and relationships between the positions of the sun, moon, and other planetary objects at the time of our birth to predict of explain aspects of our personality or events in our life history, and numerology, the study of numbers and their influences on us , can be integrated and used inter-connectedly in mapping your horoscope, finding meanings in your life?

    Astro-Numerology, the perfect integration between the science of the Heavens astrology and the Science of Numbers numerology , is the study of the combination or integration of birth chart or horoscopes astrology , and numerological significance of your date of birth and name in readings for finding coincidences and meaning in your life.

    In the West, as first identified by Pythagoras, a Greek mathematician and philosopher who first explored the hidden capabilities of numbers discovered the Law of Vibration, which states that each number has a particular vibration. Take note that Nodes of the Moon, Ketu and Rahu, are the two points where the orbit of the Sun and the Moon intersect. Although different from the actual planets themselves, each astrological sign is said to have also long been associated with a particular number, beginning with Aries which has the first sign of the western Zodiac and ending with Pisces.

    This is a very common believe that people hold about numerology. However, this is not true.

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    Numerology does not predict what will exactly happen but it only gives an idea of what is possibly going to happen. This is another fallacy. If one is experiencing a series of negative events in life, this is not because of his name. And changing a name will not bring better fate.