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What is the significance of 'Navamsa Chart' in Vedic astrology? - Veydas

Ray este Reply. Chris on July 4, at pm. Hello the chart reader doesnt generate. Chris on May 23, at pm. Julie Colton on May 11, at pm. Hi Sam. Julie Colton on April 7, at am. Linette Sue on June 2, at am. The D10 is giving an insight on how will be your work life Reply. Any expert here??

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Avinaash Subramaniam on June 20, at pm. Additionally, we may note the Bhukti lord Saturn is the Navamsa 7th lord placed in the 7th in Aquarius further supporting the Bhukti in conferring marriage. Between the two, Saturn as Rasi 7th lord becomes more qualified to show marriage. The Bhukti lord Saturn as the Navamsa 7th lord as well scores over Ketu. Now transpose the transits on to the Navamsa chart. Transit wise, the Nodal axis is across the Navamsa Moon who also happens to be Dasa lord.

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Saturn in transit is in Pisces aspecting Dasa lord Moon in Navamsa, while transit Jupiter is on Navamsa Ascendant influencing the Navamsa 7th house and lord as well as Bhukti lord Saturn. Almost all the conditions apply very well to this case. Chart 2 : Female: Born June 22, at 9h. The Dasa and Bhukti lord are in Shashtashtaka or positions in the Navamsa. The Bhukti lord Mercury is also the 7th lord in Navamsa.

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He is the Atmakaraka as well. Transit Saturn was in Virgo in the Navamsa 7th house which also happens to be the 7th sign from the Navamsa Moon. It is important to always bear in mind that astrology is not merely predicting. It is more a counseling tool that can effectively employed to handle tense and unpalatable situations, especially within the family. The increasing opportunities for interaction and meeting between young people with the rigid taboos of the greater part of the last century against intermingling of members of the opposite sex loosening has led to young people being drawn into emotional involvements.

In a country as diverse as ours, such involvement brings the questions of caste, creed and community igniting, many a time, tensions between parents and the youngsters. In such circumstances, an astrological approach in the situation can not only help diffuse the conflict but also help in making the decision. Confirmatory clues can indicate the parents can do little to wean away their children from the involvement.

And that acceptance would be the best solution. September 27, September 27, September 16, September 13, September 13, As navamsha is a macroscopic view of marriage event, the placement and dignity of seventh lord and Venus in navamsha shall alone give clue to all details.

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  7. If there is Navamsha for navamsha it may throw better light on it provided such things are supported by classical works. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Venus and Marriage Matters : In male chart it signifies wife. There are many other yogas in astrology which indicates 2 nd marriage. To understand that you need to step into the advance stage of astrology.

    In that case Argala, Nakshatra connection, in depth study of Navamsa or D-9 matter will come. I am not mentioning all those advance parts her to keep it simpler to understand. If you are interested to know more please let me know. Second marriage generally takes place in the period of Mahadasha or Antardasha 3 rd house and 9 th house lord and their connected planets.

    That depends some other combinations.