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The retrograde Saturn and Jupiter will offer some challenges in your personal and professional life. Unexpected expenditure will be there, so you need to curb your tendencies to be extravagant. Avoid any major investments, during this month.

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Yoga and meditation will help you recover from stressful situations, effectively. Religious activities will attract good fortunes in your life. Pisces March Horoscope: Your health will recover and will be put on right track in the month of March. Avoid getting into arguments with your business partner as it will derail the progress of your venture. Being modest and truthful with your partner is going to build a strong foundation of your conjugal relationship. Guidance of your father will be vital in showing the right path and getting to choose the right potions for growth and success.

Pisces April Horoscope: Your verbal expressions will be devoid of much emotions, and hence you may develop a harsh speech during this month.

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You will be required to exercise caution on your communication skills to save the integrity of your personal and professional relationships. Unwanted and unnecessary expenditures must be avoided, as they could eat into your hard-earned money and savings. You can turn the table of fortunes with the help of religious activities that you will be extensively undertaking, during this period. Pisces May Horoscope: Your enthusiasm at work will be visible to one and all and your initiatives will pave the way for success in your professional field.

Short trips, either for work or pleasure will be there, which will bring about positive changes in your life. Spending time with siblings is going to strengthen your bond further and arrival of new neighbors will be the start of a new association. Keep a check on your tongue as you can turn a bit impolite while talking to others. Pisces June Horoscope: You would like to postpone some important decisions of your life to a better month, as here your thinking capabilities are not going to be at their best. Your health will be low and you may suffer from a stomach related disorder.

Hence, a check on diet is essential, during this month. Change in work environment is possible, but you will be able to get along with the new place with some efforts. Pisces July Horoscope: Speculative investments will demand caution or delay, as you enter the month of July.

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Professional life will experience growth, as selection in job interview is evident, at this time. Recognition at workplace will also make you feel happy and content with your job. Business professional will witness appreciation for their venture. Being humble with your love partner or spouse is going to be essential as you will be keeping busy with your work commitments, thereby giving less time at home.

Pisces August Horoscope: While you need to avoid making important calls in this month, there is an indication of job change in August. You must take this decision with all your wisdom and care, as this is going to be defining moment of your life. Health will require care, as chances of catching some common allergies are there. Sudden travel opportunities will be there, the reason and result of these trips can only be ascertained by looking at your natal chart. Pisces September Horoscope: Long journeys related to business or work will surface, these are going to give you good returns, sooner or later this year.

Being polite with your business partner is going to be essential as any conflict between you and them is going to prove detrimental for your venture. Personal relationships will require attention, since you will be more career-oriented, during this time of the year. Luck will come to you through the support and guidance of your elders, father and seniors. Pisces October Horoscope: You may face some unexpected and sudden health challenges in the month of October. Pisces moon sigh natives need to keep a watch on what they eat and where they go, to avoid unnecessary damage to their physical and mental health.

Vulnerability to common sold and cough will high and this may demand medication to boost the immunity. Caution in legal and law matters is advisable and tax-related issues will also require vigilance. Pisces November Horoscope: Support from your father, seniors and mentors will be imperative in keeping your personal and professional life on track amid changes in behavior and attitude.

You must understand their important in your life and maintain a calm and respectable disposition towards them. Success in higher education is guaranteed for Pisces moon sign born students in the month of November. Long journeys, mostly related to work, will be there, in this month.

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Pisces December Horoscope: As you approach year-end maintaining healthy relationships with seniors and father, is going to guide you through challenges in the coming year. Job change could be possible for some of you in this month. So, keep an eye on the possible opportunities for growth.

Avoid being argumentative for the same of your career. Challenges and achievements both will co-exist in professional life, so you need to tread cautiously to embrace succeed, at the end of it. Login Sign Up. Home Horoscope - How is astrologically special? Pisces Horoscope. Instead, be very sensible about the things in your life that are taking you away from a deeper heart connection. Good places to start this practice of attention and sensibility are around your daily habits as well as what you eat and drink.

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This Full Moon happens in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra which is ruled by the god of contracts and official duties. Now is also an opportune time to make and strengthen alliances with those who can help you reach your goals. This long-term transit will have effects on all of us. It will show a shift toward a more intelligent and rational approach to life.

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In your personal life, look for similar revelations and disclosures that will challenge you to think with more intelligence and adjust accordingly to this new information. He is the founder of the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science which offers three levels of certification programs in Vedic Astrology.

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  • Currently the Academy has more than students enrolled. Vedic Astrology March Sam Geppi. About the premonition — I think you have a good psychic ability and perhaps should take heed. In the few times I have felt dread I was right.

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